Supported Decision Making Training

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ADACAS has made a commitment to building the capacity of our community as a whole to engage supported decision making. We believe that decision making is a skill that you learn - so is supporting someone to decide. Our training is available for individuals, families and organisations. Training is relevant to any person who works with or supports someone who requires support to make decisions. 

Introduction to Supported Decision Making for Organisations.

A 3 hour workshop covering the basics:

  • How supported decision making is defined
  • Supported decision making and the law
  • How we make decisions
  • How we can support decision making
  • Dignity of Risk and Duty of Care
  • Case studies and common situations

While we use a PowerPoint to convey key information the workshop is based on discussions and questions from participants. We value working with your case studies (de-identified) or common situations in your own workplace.

We will provide packs of resources including a Decision Making Toolkit to all training attendees. 


Follow-up modelling and mentoring sessions for key staff

A series of workshops or follow up conversations with staff up to 6 months from the initial workshop.  This provides opportunity to seek expert advice on specific case studies, practise processes using situations occurring in the workplace and to build on initial workshop information with how supported decision can be implemented in each of these situations while working within the policies and values of your business. In these workshops we will take examples from case studies (de-identified) or situations which are common to your workplace and, and using role plays and discussions show how a client’s decision making can be supported in each of these situations while working within the policies and values of your business.


Guardianship and supported decision making for parents/carers of young people aged 15-19 years:

A 3 hour workshop to discuss the options open to parents of young people transitioning into adulthood to explore their support needs in negotiating different systems, making sure their values will and preferences are central to their decision making as adults.  Specific examples are discussed to explore how supported decision making process can enable equitable access to services and supports and uphold the rights of individuals.


What’s important to me? Building a decision making identity with young people

A 3 hour workshop to assist young people to identify the individual values and preferences which are the basis of their adult decision making identity. 

We use drama, role plays, group work and discussion to help participants express what is important to them, what they like and don’t like, what annoys or delights them.  We also explore the rights everyone has to take part in decision which affect their lives and the kind of support we can ask for when we need help to make decisions.


 To find out more about supported decision making training or training package options, contact the Supported Decision Making Team.

This web site is for people who would like support to make decisions.

Use this web site to make decisions that give you more control over you own life.

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